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Theolgy Track

Theology Track

“What is God like?” That is a question that has been hotly debated for millennia. The theology track helps to answer that question while also providing solid biblical, philosophical, and logical rationale for the Christian faith. 

Bible Track

This year’s Bible track is designed to help people have a better understanding of the 4 Gospels of the New Testament. By taking one, or all, of these courses, you can expect to garner a greater perspective on Christ’s ministry and the effect it had on the world around Him while increasing your Bible knowledge.

Everyday Track

We have a very practical faith. This track is meant to introduce the holy into our everyday lives. What does it mean to our finances to be a follower of Jesus? How does a child of God parent their own children? What can we do to have stronger marriages? These questions are at the heart of the Everyday Track.

Leadership Track

The leadership track is for those who have a call or desire to be a leader within the church, or to apply biblical leadership principles in their daily lives. For some, this means stepping into the role of a mentor, teacher, or ministry leader. For a select few men, this may mean a call to eldership. Regardless, it is crucially important to the church that all leaders have the same understanding of their roles and responsibilities, as well as the expectations the church has for them.

Youth Track

This class if for 7th-12th graders who desire a greater understanding of the Bible. Using Lifeway’s The Gospel Project, this course will bring teens through the entire Bible chronologically, increasing their knowledge of the Scriptures and giving them practical ways to live it out.

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